Rewilwerk has been operating as a handicraft manufacturing and marketing company  for many years (established in 1989). Since 1994 we have our own shop REWILL in Tallinn, at Vene 7 where various handicraft products made by Estonian handicraftsmen are on sale. We also organize seasonal art and craft fairs. As summer projects we have so far organized Doll Fairs at Tallinn Town Hall Square, on the Patkul Platform at Toompea, in the Royal Garden of Denmark. There were handicraft and art exhibitions and sales on the board of Harju Street, as well as a souvenir exhibition introducing Estonia in Kadriorg Park, Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and at the Tallinn Zoo. Our company was invited to organize an exhibition sale “URBAN-KAPUK” at the Tallinn National Library. Over the years we have participated in Christmas fairs, St. Matins day fairies, Old Town days, Downtown days, Sea days and many more. Each year in December we participate in the International Christmas Fair in Hamburg with our traditional Estonian handicrafts.